Upcoming Event

Christmas Tree Lighting/ Parade 2017

We would like to thank you all for making our Christmas Parade- Tree Lighting Festival a complete success. Special thank you to Senator Don Davis, Senator Louis Pate, and Representative John Bell for being part of our Ceremony.

Thank you for your participation to:


1) Dail Co. Art- Joanna Dail 2) Friends Of Phillip NA Organization- David Mcclung 3) Greene Early College H.S.- Susana Ramirez 4) Senefence-Lipsense- Dana Best 5) Paparrazie- Ma. Elena Rodriguez  6) Simply Natural- Holly Rollins  7) Morris BBQ- William Morris 8) Wheat Swamp Christian Church- Donna Kearney 9) Mount Calvary FWB Church - Pastor Rice 10) Greene County Cares-Julie SUTTON 11) Hookerton Christian Church- Sally Aguilar 12) Scentsy-Amanda Huddgins  13) 252 Designs-Tony Gordon 14)Bob's Windplanes-Bob Holder 15)Handmade Items- Niki Fitzmorris.


1) Snow Hill Primary 2) Greene County Senior Center 3) Bull Head VFD 4) Shriners Cart Caravan 5) Greene County H.S. JROTC 6) Royal Stallions Mustang Club 7) Hookerton Tire & Auto 8) Stepps Landscaping 9) Total Domination 10) 20 Plus Classic Truck Club 11) Castoria Rural Fire Association  12) Hookerton VFD/EMS 13)Flimsy 14) Sheriff's Department 15) Carls Frizzard 16) Greene County Commissioners 17) Mt. Calvary 18)Hookerton Methodist Church 19) James Palumbo 20) Bobby Tripp 21) Santa  ( Clayton Gillikin)  22) Mayor Bob Taylor and Board of Commissioners and on Stage 1) Frank Rice 2) Tyler Sugg 3) Meredith Kennedy 4) April H. Baker 5) Ormondsville FWB Children's Choir 6) Community Choir 7) Snow Hill Primary Kindergarten 8) John Moore MC 9) Mt  Calvary FWB Church Choir 10) G. C. Middle school Band 11) G. C. Brass Trio 12) Limited Danceworks 13) Tim Chase 


1)Taste of China 2) Ribeyes of Snow Hill 3) Bojangles 4) John Deere 5) Lolas's Salon 6) World Class 7) Albritton Co. 8) Mini Mart 9) Piggly Wiggly in Farmville 10) Hookerton Tire 11) Little Shop of Flowers 12) Greene Co. Florist 13) Sticks and More 14) Napa of Snow Hill 15) Food Lion of Snow Hill 16) Walmart of Greenville 17) NC Farm Bureau of Snow Hill 18) Sutton's Service Station  

and last but not least to all of you who came to be a part of the fun, THANK YOU! for being here and making this Festival a great success. We hope to see you all next year. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!